Press Releases

• MunEDA presents the integration of its WiCkeD design tool with Agilent Technologies’ GoldenGate simulator at DAC, MunEDA Press Release, Jun 2012, San Francisco.

• Porting an LDO architecture from 0.18 μm to 0.13 μm technology, DFchip - MunEDA, SBCCI 2012 Brazil, September 2012, João Pessoa, Brazil.

• Agilent Technologies Ships Newest GoldenGate Software Release for RFIC Designers incl. MunEDA WiCkeD support, Press Release, Agilent, Nov 2012, Santa Clara

• MunEDA receives EDA Achievement Award 2012, Press Release, edacentrum, May 2012, Hannover.[tt_news]=20&cHash=f81e307e135533c51cbf7fe4ce711b03

These following two press releases are about the MEMS+ include specific developments Coventor did within SMAC:
from 4 February, 2013 (SMAC relevant new fluidic damping, package and noise simulation capabilities, mainly WP3 results)
from 28 October 28, 2013 (SMAC relevant VerilogA export and speed enhancements of +100x, mainly WP2 results )


• Interview to some of the SMAC partner by Electronic Specifier, 07 November 2012